first_imgNorth Bergen residents who visited Town Hall on the afternoon of May 2 may have been surprised to find a Board of Commissioners meeting going on – one that hadn’t been advertised in advance, and one run entirely by high school students. The meeting was part of the annual Student Law Day, where students from North Bergen High School learn about government by taking over municipal roles. This special meeting featured students acting as town commissioners: Alex De Gallego, Edwin Ramirez, Hussein Hassan, Wafa Ali, and “Mayor” Katelyn Andres. Together, they discussed a number of proposed laws for the town. They soon realized that running a township isn’t as easy as it may seem. Click here for more. × The Hoboken City Council met Wednesday, May 3 to discuss improvements to Newark Street, near the city’s southern border. In the end, they voted to introduce the plan and will need to adopt it at a subsequent meeting, after a hearing. Residents of southwest Hoboken have complained of safety issues in the area, especially for pedestrians. Wednesday, the council heard a presentation from Adam Gibson of Kimley-Horn on proposed changes to Newark Street, west of Willow Avenue. Safety measures include flashing signs, curb bumpouts both painted and physical, a protected bike lane, loading zones, and a pedestrian island. A bumpout is a curb extension that can be concrete, landscape, or just paint, which narrows the distance a pedestrian has to travel in the road. Click here for more.Although Student Government Day has been a tradition in Hudson County for decades, over the last few years students who attend county schools have taken the ritual to heart, turning it into a serious discussion about issues that include school funding , traffic light cameras and prisoner reentry programs. This year on April 11 the students took their role so seriously they ran out of time before they could get through their whole agenda. Students posing as county officials gathered for a mock meeting of the Board of Freeholders. One issue discussed was the new Schools of Technology campus, due to open in September in Secaucus. Like their adult counterparts in municipal councils throughout the county, the students also grappled with the validity of bicycle lanes. The students were from towns throughout the county and attend County Prep and High Tech High Schools, two public countywide high schools. Click here for more.last_img