Xining city street comity street party around the "12th Five-Year" plan of building rich civilized and harmonious Qinghai as the center, to strengthen the cultural image of the most beautiful street blocks of comity, enhance the street reputation and visibility as the focus, combined with Excel and third grassroots organizations "activities, strengthening grass-roots party organizations" five good "activities to create a new pattern of innovation, deepening street party building work.

in January this year, the Xining municipal civilization office, Xining city a city office, jointly organized by the Xining Evening News "Xining civilization, xiadou charm" as the theme of the most beautiful streets of Xining (District) selection activities, street party working committee, office of legal policy propaganda, public opinion, poverty alleviation and transfer disabled demonstrative hillock etc. in the majority of Party members in the comity street, the majority of Party members around the "chuangxianzhengyou" and "creative city", community building, the jurisdiction of the organization party to carry out cleaning, patrol, lectures and other volunteer activities; to improve residents’ production and living environment, to solve outstanding problems, focusing on the streets, buildings, water pipes. Jam, timely organization of community members and cadres of the area streets, alleyways, resident building sewer repair and dredging; joint sea city Newspaper, Xining children’s palace and other institutions to carry out community lectures and social activities, rich cultural life of residents. Through the unremitting efforts of the street party committee, comity block from the city’s more than 100 streets (blocks) stand out, won the title of the most beautiful neighborhoods in Xining. At the same time, with the help of Street Party committee "project" the successful application of the national cultural resources sharing, the office to improve the service network construction, resource construction, basic services, and as a carrier of the Huimin project, held a variety of skills, employment, forum, juvenile education and training.

Street Party Working Committee of the spirit of "comity, hold high the banner around the overall situation, to serve the people, reform and innovation" philosophy, and strive to achieve new breakthroughs in the work of Party building in 2011, "12th Five-Year" period of development have a good start, in order to achieve the "four development" provide a powerful ideological guarantee, spiritual power, the support of public opinion and cultural conditions, and further build the comity Street brand image.