Xining power company to take measures to deal with the peak winter electricity, as of now the sale of electricity has more than 15 billion kwh.

in 2007, Xining power supply company has made great efforts to carry out capacity expansion, renovation and maintenance of urban substation and substation, which greatly improved the health level of the equipment. The smooth operation of several new urban substation, make the layout of urban power grid more reasonable, ease the pressure of power intensive areas. At the same time, in the winter peak of electricity, the Xining power supply company from the organization, technology, materials, materials and other aspects of reserves, careful deployment, careful planning. The production units to carry out the "winter" activities to strengthen the transmission, distribution, distribution equipment operation monitoring and maintenance. Xining power supply company will also serve to move forward, streamline the work process, the focus shifted to the marketing market and pay close attention to the quality of service. The establishment of service enterprises in intensive Xining economic and Technological Development Zone and the Gan River Industrial Park, to provide personalized service zero distance for large customers, to solve the previous winter heating peak power supply "card neck" phenomenon at the same time, to protect the Xining industrial and agricultural production and urban and rural residents demand for electricity.

as of November 30th, Xining power supply company completed a total sales of 15 billion 30 million kwh electricity tariff recovery of 100%. Among them, the November sales reached 1 billion 490 million kwh, an increase of 12%. (author:

  Maacah 000);