in order to establish and perfect the income distribution policy science, protect the rights and interests of workers, to realize the harmonious development of economy and society in Xining, from the beginning of July 12th, the Xining Municipal Federation of trade unions to carry out comprehensive investigation for half a month of income of the enterprise workers wages.


research activities take listening to the reports, questionnaires, individual interviews and discussion interview etc., into more than and 60 different types of Xining City, different scale state-owned and state holding enterprises and non state owned industrial enterprises (including construction industry), foreign enterprises and trade, catering and other service industries, to survey nearly three thousand front-line staff wages the status quo, the wages of workers in constitution, the implementation of policies and regulations, payment of wages, and the income of enterprise managers. On the basis of first-hand information, a careful analysis of the problems, study and formulate solutions to the relevant departments, put forward the corresponding countermeasures and suggestions, so as to further promote the enterprises to establish and improve the collective wage negotiation mechanism, growth mechanism and the payment mechanism, the wages growth and the level of economic and social development to adapt.