March 20th, the Xining Municipal Federation of trade unions, according to legal fees, commissioned on behalf of the levy, scientific integration and other measures, trade union funds to promote the work of land tax collection.

union funds is the main source of funding for trade unions, is an important material basis for the work of trade unions and the basic guarantee. The implementation of tax collection work, is to implement the needs of Scientific Outlook on Development, is the union funds collected into the legal track, is the need to build a service-oriented society. In recent years, the Xining Municipal Federation of trade unions to actively implement the provincial Party committee, municipal Party committee proposed "to put more resources and means to give trade unions", to lay a solid foundation, exploring the tax work "the same sign, with the tube, with the" integrated management mechanism and the tax Department, fee source control mechanism implementation of dynamic management of trade union funds and key monitoring. With the trade union funds collection work to achieve new breakthroughs, functions, and further promote the healthy development of the trade union work has played a positive role for trade union organizations at all levels to give full play to.