6 17, Nanchuan Industrial Park of Xining economic and Technological Development Zone 10.1 MW photovoltaic power plant roof distributed formal grid, the project in Qinghai province is currently the largest distributed photovoltaic demonstration project, started construction in November 2015, the construction area of 110811.72 square meters, the total installed capacity of 10.187MWP. Municipal Committee, deputy director of the Xining economic and Technological Development Zone Administrative Committee Yao Lin attended the launching ceremony.

after the completion of the project’s annual generating capacity of 12 million 884 thousand and 250 kwh, 25 years, the cumulative generating capacity of 285 million 514 thousand and 980 kwh, the annual generating capacity of 11 million 420 thousand and 600 kwh, the first year of the equivalent hours of 1266 hours, the average utilization hours of 1122.2 hours. It is estimated that the average annual savings of 3723.116 tons of standard coal, reducing emissions of carbon dioxide by 9281.72 tons, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, 7.479 tons, 1.114 tons of dust. It is understood that the project’s direct investment of 73 million 646 thousand and 500 yuan. The project follows the general idea of the national conditions, clean and efficient, utilizing, in accordance with the "advanced technology, the system is efficient, safe and stable, strong demonstration" and the concept of "the nearest grid, low loss and high efficiency" principle of design, fully rely on local abundant solar light source, the use of office building, dormitory, carpet group the production workshop and other buildings with idle roof, color steel roof tile and concrete foundation laying angle two arrangements of construction and installation, a total of 37730 pieces of 270wp single crystal silicon PV modules, 287 sets of 36kw series inverter type. The amount of electricity to take full access to the 10Kv voltage level access to the vicinity of the grid. The solution in the project construction application of photovoltaic power generation sets, inverter, step-up, monitoring, security, network access and scheduling and other functions of the whole system, effectively solve the main problems faced by distributed power plant safe, stable, efficient, intelligent, intensive land use, also accumulated useful experience for the development of the roof of distributed photovoltaic power generation technology. It is reported that the "13th Five-Year" period, also proposed plans to build 765 MW, 50 MW solar photovoltaic, wind power, hydropower 200 MW to 100 MW, and make greater contribution to the promotion of the province’s economic and social development.