July 5th, second evening news jointly organized by the Xining evening news, human resources and Social Security Bureau, the city center Zhijie cover face large-scale recruitment activities again achieved remarkable results: approach the recruitment unit 42, providing more than 1200 jobs, approach the candidates more than 800 people, of which 286 people live to reach an agreement of intent.

the same day the recruitment meeting, in order to attract college graduates to apply for jobs, many companies specially prepared corporate brochures, to the job seekers to take the initiative to introduce the enterprise situation, corporate culture. Some business experience, on the job requirements of the professional is the "zero threshold", Kim Baichuan responsible for the recruitment of staff told reporters, "every year we recruit some graduates as a reserve cadres, according to the characteristics of the graduates lack of experience, the company has specialized training plan preparation, hope to have more college graduates to join our team." Reporters also noted that the recruitment meeting, the companies are not paid out of the general salary is generally between 1500 yuan to $2000. On the same day the recruitment site, assistant manager, secretary, e-commerce, finance, sales staff, computer operations and other jobs has become a popular post.

in order to play a role as a bridge between college graduates and the enterprise, the recruitment will be after the end of the city center Zhijie will also joint enterprises and the implementation of tracking services, namely visit enterprises recruitment, registered positions, these jobs will be sorted out, to the registration of the unemployed personnel key recommendation, to help achieve all kinds of personnel employment.

July 13th, the evening will once again combined with human resources and Social Security Bureau, city talent exchange center to launch third job seekers face recruitment activities, build employment platform for the return of employment, school leavers unemployed college graduates. (author: Rong Lijun)