accidentally fell, but the cause of acute renal failure, students dying young, poor families can not afford the expensive medical expenses, the helpless, the Huangzhong county education system to lend a helping hand, painful family solution as pressing danger.

In February 24th

, a student at the Shanxi Datong University West town of Huangzhong County freshman temple village of Zhu Chengkai at home, accidentally fell, causing the bad blood pressure injured his left arm, causing acute renal failure, hyperkalemia, in February 26th admitted to Affiliated Hospital of Qinghai University emergency rescue treatment, only in the ICU for 10 days he spent hundreds of thousands of dollars. And then also need a large sum of the cost of treatment for a rural family economic difficulties can not afford, so Zhu Cheng Kai helpless father Zhu Yuan found Zhu Chengkai attended the Huangzhong in a principal, hope the principal can help them. After that, the Huangzhong county education system immediately launched donations, more than 90 thousand teachers and students have donated a total of $177345.7 for Zhu Chengkai.

April 18th, the reporter saw Zhu Chengkai in the Affiliated Hospital of Qinghai University, also saw a few relevant person in charge of the Education Bureau of Huangzhong County, is still recovering Zhu Chengkai due to wound pain often frowned, but no sound, according to Zhu Yuan, Zhu Chengkai is currently recovering well, September will be able to go back to school to continue to go to school from the big one start. Subsequently, the deputy director of the Huangzhong County Board of education Zhang Wenlong took more than 17 yuan donation to the hands of Zhu Yuan, and encouraged Zhu Cheng Kai to be a strong man, able to recuperate, recovered after Huangzhong county more than 90 thousand teachers and students love to pass down, and do their own ability to help people in need.

Washington (reporter Nan Sheng correspondent Quan Weiyuan) and the village dates, see "production characteristics of fruits and vegetables; a hundred flowers contend in beauty" and "catering farmhouse dating" enjoys the folk dance; and a farm dating, "happy suzerain" enjoy hard work…… Spring, spring, is the leisure picking season, major again busy picking garden suburb. Speaking picking, chase is the best choice.

from April 20th to April 22nd, hosted by the government of the Provincial Tourism Bureau, the Municipal Tourism Bureau, Datong County, Datong County of Qinghai Datong · second facilities agricultural tourism characteristics of fruit and vegetable picking Festival "held in Shennong nectarine base. Picking Festival this year, the charm of chase rural tourism, happy farm I call the shots, as the theme, to carry out a date and I have a series of activities.

Village — a hundred flowers contend in beauty.

Shennong nectarine, flowers gardening and other modern facilities agriculture demonstration bases, holding flowers and strawberries and peppers and other characteristics of nectarine fruits and vegetables as well as lilies, carnations and rose picking activities, fully display the charm of Datong characteristics cultivation and rich and colorful tourism products, allowing visitors to pick one of the leisure village, a view some.

dating farmhouse – Specialty Food and beverage

Datong County garden area to modern leisure facilities of agriculture base, there are people;