1 16, the provincial people’s Congress, the first session of the six session of the first press conference, the province’s top five departments released the latest progress in the work of the situation in. Haidong Industrial Park, deputy director of the CMC Wang Zhanen for our interpretation of the new model of green development in Qinghai in recent years, Zhongguancun.

change from small province economy to ecological province, ecological province; the transition from small to large population of ethnic unity and progress of the province; from the research of local development strategy to change into the national strategy; from farmers and herdsmen single planting, breeding, ecological care to ecological production and living a virtuous cycle change…… Qinghai’s development is inseparable from the support of the state, the development of Qinghai can only be actively integrated into the national strategy to make a difference, in order to have a greater. According to our province, "four change" development ideas and requirements, in order to "green, low carbon, accumulation and circulation industry in Haidong Industrial Park, has gradually build up a complete innovation ecological chain, to build Qinghai province" talent base, science and technology innovation base, enterprise incubator "to forward.

stands out Haidong Industrial Park

key words: building high ground, highlighting the characteristics, the pursuit of low-carbon

How to build a unique professional park in

? What stand out?

with the well-known technology companies continue to join, the city has found its own direction: "build a high ground, highlight the characteristics, the pursuit of low-carbon." According to the introduction, is to construct the highland construction Haidong Science Park as an eastern town in Xining as the center of the group, and Qinghai province and northwest industry "heights"; to highlight the characteristics of the traditional industry and high-tech industry, the combination of the characteristics of crack, many "threshold" factors, scientific zoning, construction of Park unique personality characteristics; the pursuit of low carbon energy saving and emission reduction, advocating environmental protection and sustainable production and way of life.

industry features prominent, high-tech industrial park as the main body, the combination of high-tech industries and processing industries, complement each other, this is the Haidong Industrial Park planning. The unique natural environment, plateau characteristics and modern combination of style, the Huangshui River natural scenery and riverside landscape combination; become a new economic growth point of Qinghai Province, the new City Haidong most characteristic, the most active and most representative…… All this, for the development of science and technology enterprises to add a booster.

entrepreneurial inspiration burst in place

keyword: Liu Wan cafe, looking for inspiration, stimulate creativity

has been to the Industrial Park Administrative Committee of the people will have such an impression, Zhongguancun science and Technology Park building from the concept to the design are a word Hyun, came here, you will feel a kind of vitality and passion. Entrepreneurs can exchange ideas and collisions at any time, so that an instant burst of entrepreneurial inspiration, so that passion ignited instantly. Here, in this full of new concept space, open, fresh, fashion, novelty, fashion is like a gust of wind blowing. And live in the Willow Bay Cafe, has become the ideal space for people to find inspiration, stimulate creativity.

Willow Bay Cafe was launched by Haidong industrial park;