September 6th, Li Nainai closed his eyes, sitting in the community elderly day care center window, enjoying the morning sun. It is understood that the province has 93 new urban community day care centers in Xining, set up a total of beds of 930, there are currently put into operation in the other, the other 23 will be completed by the end of this year. By then, will achieve full coverage of Xining urban elderly day care centers.

2010, the provincial Civil Affairs Department launched the construction of the pilot community elderly day care center project in Xining City, a total investment of the Provincial Welfare Lottery 64 million 100 thousand yuan, to explore and promote the community pension service model, focused on building the family as the core, supported by community care service network, the endowment insurance system for the security and charitable service to supplement the home-based care services system. Mainly for the community over the age of 60 elderly people who have difficulties in providing care for the elderly, food supply, life care, health rehabilitation, sports and entertainment, spiritual comfort and other community care and home care services.

center, Center for unified planning and construction of unified logo, provincial welfare lottery center each average 690 thousand yuan, each service center building area of not less than 150 square meters, with 10 beds, with the elderly life service, health care and rehabilitation, entertainment and other service facilities and equipment in the process of operation, take free, low compensation and paid service combination, to provide personalized services for the elderly, charges of "sanding" and the "three open", namely: service items, service content, charging standards, open project content, public services, public price tag. At present, Xining clear center facilities, public post service personnel, basic operating expenses, the elderly service subsidies difficulties by all levels of government investment, the county government spends each center operation funds of not less than twenty thousand yuan, to the public and private construction under various forms of encouragement to do service. At the same time, the housing ownership of the center, the annual assessment of the mechanism and the form and content of the service innovation.

in the future, the civil affairs department will continue to increase the province’s elderly welfare facilities investment, and gradually achieve Xining, Golmud, Delingha community elderly day care center full coverage. (author: Zhang Yaning)