July 31st, held in Xining City, 2013 of the annual target task promotion and debriefing assessment, mayor Wang Yubo stressed that to strengthen advanced consciousness, enhance the ability to carry, carry forward the advanced style, resolutely implement the decisions and arrangements of the municipal government, to dare to touch, do good work of courage, wisdom and strength on target, go all out, to realize the advanced goal to strive. Municipal Committee, vice mayor Yan Shujiang, deputy mayor Wang Ping, Xu Guocheng, Jin Jiuchen attended the meeting.

Wang Yubo pointed out that the provincial government to determine the evaluation mechanism, is an important starting point to promote the development of science, is an important criterion for the assessment of cadres, there are inherent rationality, necessity and pertinence, we must grasp the work of seeking a breakthrough, homeopathy, promoting development. First class is the courage to dare to make the first class is the spirit of never slack, but also a good tradition of the Communist Party members march forward the good tradition. As the capital city, we should have a strong awareness of the capital and advanced consciousness, clearly see the gaps and problems of development, people with "appreciation" of the eyes, to see yourself in a "critical" mentality, to a higher level of the benchmark, to higher goals.

Wang Yubo stressed that the test data to speed up the development of indicators of capacity and level. We can not only on the number of heroes, but in the modern economic work, the hero can not be separated from a group of meaningful, effective, quality figures. Behind each figure, we are more than the development of ideas, ideas, ability to fight, pragmatic style. Who says well is not important, the key to see who do well, do real, do people’s recognition and satisfaction. To achieve the goal of carry, all localities and departments must insist on maintaining stability, good in quickly, accelerate the pace of work, improve work efficiency, big catch, problem-solving things, to focus, to maintain growth, effectively enhance the ability of investment and construction projects, and effectively improve the ability of industrial integration and development, and effectively improve the ability of city operation and management. To effectively enhance the ability to protect the environment and improve people’s livelihood, promote the focus of the annual target task completed.

Wang Yubo requirements, the key to look at the style of the key, the key in the solid. In accordance with the overall arrangements for the implementation of the mass line of educational practice and the requirements of the party, to change the style, strong skills, improve efficiency, tree health, to promote the work of the great change on the task of promoting the goal. Progressive carry. To dare to climb high, with strong, and fast match, the development trend of active in the country and the province, seriously examine and plan of local and departmental work, creative out of the new road for the development of the local authorities.

meeting, city assessment office informed the completion of the first half of the city’s goals and tasks, four districts, three county governments and relevant departments will focus on the task completion of the speech and written debriefing, participants of the County Department, finish the task of the council. (author: Xu Shunkai)