days ago, reporter learned from Xining admissions, 2013 graduate enrollment exam time is 7 – 5 january. Xining a total of 4 test sites, 128 examination room.

graduate entrance examination is the highest academic level of the national examination, in order to maintain the fairness of the exam, 4 test sites in Xining to implement all the examination of electronic surveillance sites equipped with mobile phone shielding device, metal detector, card reader and radio detection car, and strive to create a fair, impartial and honest and harmonious environment test.

Xining city Zhaoban for each of the candidates each with a set of questions such as: writing stationery for black neutral pen, 2B pencil, eraser, pencil drawing, a triangular plate, a protractor, a knife and glue. Candidates into the examination room can not carry stationery, watches, mobile phones and other metal products (each test room with an electronic alarm clock), can not carry any book information, so as not to enter the examination room to bring unnecessary trouble. At the same time, before entering the examination room to carry a good ticket, the two generation ID card and valid documents, documents are not allowed to enter the examination room. January 4 in the afternoon, to the test site to view the examination room, a clear examination location.

cheating on the exam, we must resolutely crack down on. For college students to participate in cheating, except in accordance with the Ministry of education, "national education examination violations approach" 18 order processing, and then from the school according to the "ordinary college student management approach" (Ministry of education No. 21) for processing, or expulsion. For in-service staff, to participate in the exam cheating in accordance with the order of 18 orders to deal with discipline, but also to inform the unit to urge the relevant departments to deal with the case of serious dismissal of public. At the same time the candidates cheating, will be credited to the national unified examination candidates integrity files, the candidates for the next year, cheating is not allowed to apply for the next year. (author: Zhao Jing)