3 month 23 days, the reporter learned from the provincial Civil Affairs Department, according to the "military widows Ordinance" and the demand of social and economic development, the Provincial Department of finance, Department of human resources and social, Health Planning Commission, the Department of civil affairs jointly issued a "special medical security measures of Qinghai Province" (hereinafter referred to as the "safeguard measures"), the special medical security I was finishing the corresponding policy, revise and perfect.

"safeguards" in outpatient subsidies, major disease inpatient medical expenses subsidy, subsidy object scope and other aspects are clearly defined, one is to increase the outpatient subsidies, for Medicare coverage of urban and rural residents entitled groups and diabetes, hypertension, and malignant tumor chemotherapy need long-term medication and outpatient quota grants no significant effect of hospitalization, due to malignant tumors need radiotherapy and chemotherapy and other major diseases, outpatient treatment costs within the scope of policy subsidies; two is the specification of major disease medical expenses subsidies, to participate in the basic medical insurance, medical insurance for urban workers urban and rural residents family difficulties and suffering from serious diseases entitledgroups occurred during hospitalization the medical expenses in the designated medical institutions, medical assistance with basic medical insurance, medical insurance, and personal expense to fill Help; three is to expand the scope of the object of Medicaid, eligible and enjoy the national living allowance for more than 60 years of age, retired soldiers in rural areas, some of the children of martyrs given a fixed annual outpatient subsidies.