reporter learned from the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, from next month, Xining will be published monthly in three counties and four districts of the air quality rankings and area of Huangshui River and tributaries exit ranking section of water conditions, so that the public can supervise the progress of pollution area in our city, know which area of the air cleaner, the water is more clear.

in recent years, the city continued efforts to improve air quality, from January 1st to May 30th this year, the city’s total number of days of monitoring air quality monitoring 151 days, excellent number of days, excellent rate of 73.5%. Among them: three (mild pollution) for 33 days, grade (moderately polluted) for 5 days, grade five (severe pollution) for 0 days, grade six (severe pollution) for 2 days. Compared with the same period in 2014, the number of days increased by 26 days.

pollution control at the same time, the timely release of air quality, so that the public in a timely manner to understand the surrounding air quality situation, but also vigorously promote the work of our city. In order to enable the public to understand the status of air quality, City Environmental Protection Bureau in cooperation with the Xining evening news hotline, from November 2013 onwards, in the weather every Monday to Friday edition on the open column, published daily air quality in four areas to the public. With the continuous improvement of the city’s four districts and counties of automatic air monitoring stations, from June onwards, the city began to announce to the public the four districts of the air quality ranking of the three counties in three. According to the relevant person in charge of the office of the city’s air, said it would promote the poor air pollution control areas, to take notice, interviews, etc., urging their work.

In addition to

, but also the people of Xining a clear mother river, because of the continued implementation of the comprehensive improvement of Huangshui River pollution, this year in punishing the illegal acts of sewage, sewage pipe collection area, expand the completion of the sewage treatment plant upgrading revamping operation measures, strengthen the environmental quality objectives of local government responsibility, from next month. I will be in units of the county, on a monthly basis on river water quality was informed.