in the provincial government attach great importance to our province in recent years, the booming of charity, all kinds of social forces to charity charitable organization as the representative of the rapid development of social charity, increase awareness of various charitable activities actively, played a positive role in disaster relief, poverty relief, medical assistance, education assistance, help the old the disabled and other public utilities.

provincial Party committee and government attach great importance to the development of charity in our province. In May 2013, the provincial government office forwarded the provincial Civil Affairs Department "on further support the charity development guidance notice", April 2015, according to the State Council on "guidance" to promote the healthy development of philanthropy, introduced the opinions of our province is related to the first charity development — "on the implementation of opinions" to promote the healthy development of charity the cause, put forward the relevant policy measures to promote the development of philanthropy. Relevant departments of the provincial government has also introduced the purchase of charitable organizations services, standardize the volunteer service records to prove that the work of overseas Chinese donations management approach, charity and other specific measures to promote. These policies and measures to promote charitable organizations to carry out charitable activities and charitable services, and promote the development of charity.

at the same time the province innovative charity mode and carrier, around the elderly, homeless and student, medical aid, disaster relief, relief and other charitable content, creating a "China Mobile love action" "tomorrow plan" and "action" and "poor families of children with hernia relief program" Ge Sanghua western student "" disabled welfare health care "" youth volunteer service "Charity Brand project. Provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department (Civilization), the provincial Civil Affairs Department, the provincial SASAC, the Provincial Federation of industry and Commerce and other departments and units, cities and states, and some of the news media and charitable organizations, to carry out targeted assistance and normalization of charitable donations, received a good social effect to drive.

The rise of

social charity has played an important role in helping the poor and disaster relief. As of the end of 2015, the province registered social organizations of all kinds are 3686, of which 831 types of social charity organizations (including a qualified public offering fund 27), accounting for about 22.5% of the total number of social organizations, increase of 42% over 11th Five-Year. The province’s 8 prefectures have established a charitable organization, part of the county (city, district) set up a charity, part of the township, street also pilot the establishment of "Charity Supermarket" and social donation stations (points), the initial formation of the charity organization network wide coverage, covering the charity, environmental protection, education, culture, science and technology, environmental protection physical health and other fields, the initial formation of "charity" development pattern. According to incomplete statistics, from 2011 to 2015, our province annual charity to raise funds and physical capacity of about 100 million yuan, become the party committees and governments at all levels to protect and improve people’s livelihood, helping the important supplement of the trapped. In particular, after a strong earthquake in Yushu, the domestic and foreign organizations and caring people donated a total of 9 billion 844 million yuan of funds, a strong impetus to the earthquake relief and reconstruction work.