The city’s fiscal expenditure in the end how much people benefit? January 23rd, the reporter learned from the Municipal Finance Bureau, last year, the city continues to uphold the concept of small finance, big people’s livelihood, and constantly optimize the structure of fiscal expenditure, fiscal spending more inclined to livelihood. Annual livelihood spending exceeded 20 billion yuan, reaching $20 billion 70 million, accounting for the proportion of fiscal expenditure reached 80.9%.

– 3 billion 460 million priority security education last year to promote education layout adjustment, standardization of school construction and transformation of weak schools of the city, the implementation of construction projects in education infrastructure 190.

– 1 billion 920 million to help low-income housing low-income housing spending last year increased more than three times. 47790 sets of affordable housing construction, 22210 sets of affordable housing basically completed, the completion of the completion of the 19649 sets of affordable housing.

– social employment expenditure 2 billion 810 million employment training base scale, promote the construction of entrepreneurial incubator, efforts to solve the employment of college students employment difficulties crowd, perfecting the relief system, improve the security level of the difficulties of the masses.

– 1 billion 840 million increase medical relief efforts to improve urban and rural medical insurance financing standard and financial subsidies for urban residents and the new rural cooperative medical insurance rate reached 99.8% and 99.6% respectively, for urban and rural households and other disadvantaged groups to give special medical assistance.