— for the county education system open competition 6 vice president of the school

in accordance with the spirit of the provincial and municipal documents, Datong County issued the opinions on Further Strengthening the management of school leading cadres, improve the appointment and management of primary and secondary school principals. In order to further optimize the team structure, widen the employment channels, the county education bureau Party committee identified 6 vice president of the school to carry out an open competition for the job.

open recruitment of talented people. is a timely set up by the Deputy Secretary of the county committee, county Party Committee Education Secretary renzuchang Datong County school vice principal for work leading group, and actively carry out the work of propaganda and mobilization, to encourage qualified teachers to actively participate in the competition for registration. two is a timely publication of posts and qualifications, posting notices, announcements and other forms of information. The competition is the Datong vocational school, fifth, seven vice president in 1, vice president of the Changning town center school, primary school, primary school garden bridge in 1 to open competition, the competition for personnel qualification requirements under age of 45, college degree or above, with intermediate professional qualifications in the county education system in the series the post of teachers. three is timely registration, through a large number of pre preparation and propaganda, the post of vice president for registration work started in June 4th, a total of 125 people enrolled in the examination of the qualification examination, a total of 124 candidates to meet competition conditions.

fair measurement capability. to create a fair, open and impartial examination atmosphere, in the written examination, in strict accordance with the "vice president of Datong County for the written examination work arrangement", the test center is located in Garden Primary School in Datong County, with a total of 5 room, 116 people participated in the exam. Each test room is equipped with a shield. Written after the end, according to the post recruitment of leading group to determine the proportion of 1:5 candidates, 32 candidates entered the speech part of the respondent, and examination results will be announced, at the same time, the speech can not be entered into the defense aspects of the candidates to the examination results notice form will notice I. in the speech part of the respondent, adopted a number of measures to ensure the fair test: is a interviewer from Huzhu county education system is deployed, all worked for many years, has rich experience in teaching staff education in the principal position; speech by the examiner in the exam questions, answer field questions, to ensure the confidentiality of the topic link the two is the examination; take lots of sorting, pumping, pumping title defense speech, published in the form of fraction, effectively guarantee the fairness and justice of the final speech to speech, defense grade 1:3 ratio was determined for the investigation into the link. At the same time, , in each part of the competition, from the Commission for Discipline Inspection, organization, community sector cadres in competitive selection;