Study and implement the party’s eighteen the third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee and the spirit of the occasion in the city, the municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department, municipal Civilization Office in Datong County, northern Tibetan medicine Taiwan Xiang Shuo Jiang village was held in 2014 in Xining city science and technology culture and health "three to the countryside" ceremony, fully embodies the municipal government concern and support for the reform and development of rural areas the. Municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department, City Union president Wang Haihong in a speech at the opening ceremony, pointed out that in recent years, the city’s three countryside activities in various regions and departments to work together under the "around the concern in rural areas, farmers care, support agriculture" theme, in advocating a healthy life style, rich science the cultural life of the peasants, protect the legitimate rights and interests of farmers and other areas, to do a lot of good facts, the municipal government affirmed by the majority of farmers and rural masses, three countryside activities have become an important carrier of promoting rural spiritual civilization construction of a powerful starting point and the construction of new socialist countryside the. Wang Haihong, in the winter and spring three countryside activities, all localities and departments and units should always insist on starting from the actual rural development, with feelings, with responsibility, with care to carry out the "three rural activities, do real work at the distress of the people, to help people the heart, to create a strong atmosphere of the whole society to care, support and participate in the activities of the" three rural areas ". Activities, some of the participating units also to the village of drug craftsmen Taiwan donated a variety of sporting goods, rice, noodles and other objects.