rumbling hanqixiren, but in the winter, far away from the provincial capital more than and 700 kilometers of land in urban and rural areas in banma county but everywhere surging billow upsurge of study and implementation of the spirit of the party in the sixth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee. The morning of November 29th, just after the provincial propaganda team members, preaching the report of the provincial finance office deputy director Pang Renping, and immediately went to Yar Township Hall, the middle of grassroots party members and cadres and the masses of all ethnic groups, is the spirit of the six plenary session of the Central Committee to conduct a detailed interpretation, around the hot topic of their concern and concern interact.

came to the township government door, heard the provincial delegation to the people, many of the township cadres and the masses near surrounding forward, started the interaction, we talk about feelings and questions.

"as a grass-roots party organizations should be how to better implement the requirements of strict party?" Wang Roucun branch secretary Deang angle first asked.

"you have a good question." Pang Renping happily replied, "comprehensive strictly for the main purpose is to make the party better, how the party construction, pipe is good, strict strict, and the construction of our country well have a causal relationship. For the grassroots level, the implementation of a comprehensive strict party, it is necessary to start from the serious political life of the party, for which party organizations, which are the first principles must be followed. The usual ‘three will be a lesson’, democratic life, democratic appraisal, the study of the central theory and policy, is the embodiment of the party’s political life institutionalized."

stood on the side of the fruit village branch secretary, said the south, how to understand the important role of the party proposed to build a political culture within the party?" "For the grass-roots Party branch, what should we pay attention to in the construction of the party’s political culture?"

"inner party political life, political ecology and political culture complement each other, and political culture is the soul of political life. Specific to each party branch, we must start from the implementation of the plenary session of the "guidelines" "regulations". As a grass-roots cadres, we should further strengthen the research and interpretation of this area, and make new achievements to promote the party’s political and cultural development." Pang Renping replied.

everyone scrambling to ask questions, Pang Renping one answering questions, the atmosphere warm, interactive frequently. Hour hand has been directed at noon, but the scene of many grassroots party members and the masses have not been able to turn round to ask questions. This rich content, ground gas, into the hearts of preaching, for all the presence of Party members and cadres of the masses, are a benefit, boost morale counseling.

then, the team came to the line of the banma County Ditch patriotism education base, to carry out the "re take the road, relive the party oath" and other activities, received a patriotic education.

in the Red Army martyrs solemn Memorial tomb, we turn to the martyrs in awe, pure white hada. Under the leadership of Pang Renping, all Party members face red flag raised his right hand and swear to relive the party oath, the expression for the cause of the party’s determination to fight for life. We have sworn allegiance to the party;