6 27, the eastern area of Xining city in the province launched the first "the Creation Studio" was officially launched, invited the Shanghai Jiao Tong University EMBA Professor, deputy secretary general Chinese Electricity Association long, East District Business Incubator college students entrepreneurship mentor Morgan distinguished guest guests live chat, "entrepreneurship.


, East District launched the first in the province hit off the studio, using Internet technology to help entrepreneurs, multi-channel, multi way, multi platform for learning exchanges, will enable the efficient sharing of resources to achieve interoperability, so that more entrepreneurs realize online interactive communication through broadcast.

in recent years, the east area of human resources and Social Security Bureau actively encourage innovation and entrepreneurship employment concept, knowledge, active thinking of college students seeking for development in the field of electronic commerce, has launched the "entrepreneurial Salon" and "entrepreneurship courses" "enterprise cloud platform" and a number of online and offline innovative initiatives to encourage young people to achieve "fingertips" business.