Recently, many people call the newspaper traffic hotline, hoping to understand the winter bus operating time through the hotline. According to the characteristics of the winter season and changes in passenger travel rules, from October 15th onwards, the City Transportation Co., Ltd. belongs to the 17 city bus lines, the implementation of the operating time of the rural bus lines in the winter of 4. Specific operating hours are as follows:6:3020:00108 6:5020:00107 Road, 6:5020:00106 Road, 6:4019:30105 Road, 6:5019:20104 Road, 6:3020:30103 Road, 6:5020:00102 Road, 7:2019:30101 Road, 7:0020:0087 Road, 6:3020:0086 Road, 6:3020:2085 Road, 6:3020:3084 Road, 6:3020:3083 Road, 6:4020:2082 Road, 6:5019:3081 Road,