through 3 months of work, so that dust pollution has changed the situation, urban air quality has improved significantly. Through 3 years, the city’s air quality has undergone fundamental changes." August 25th, mayor Wang Yubo, vice mayor of the city of air pollution inspection work in our city, the requirements of the administration, according to the law, the use of hard measures to complete the task of air pollution control hard work. Wang Yubo stressed that the air pollution control should always follow the three strict, serious, strict management, strict punishment, to the people of the city’s public interest, dare to sing bad cop, dare the wicked, dare to implement the environmental protection work.

in the morning, Wang Yubo, Xu Guocheng and his entourage visited the families of the four hydropower Bureau of boiler room, Xining city hospital Silu in control of air automatic monitoring station, unity village, Liyuan area and transit highway construction site, Jiangcang energy development limited liability company, the Western Iron Alloy Co. Ltd., Beichuan coal Co. ltd.. Wang Yubo pointed out that the management of air pollution, improve air quality, is concerned about the people’s livelihood, to create an important measure livable Xining, but also to build the city of life, an important part of the city of happiness and important requirements. The whole society attaches great importance to the leadership and the masses. Relevant departments should strengthen confidence, determined, and strive to improve the city’s air quality, for the people to create a good environment for production and living.

Wang Yubo stressed that the word "share a common fate with the most appropriate" in the work of air pollution, air quality in relation to the health of everyone, every people living in Xining. In this sense, air pollution control is the most basic livelihood of the people, is the largest public interest. Whether it is the government, or business, or the public, we must earnestly perform their duties. Especially the environmental protection departments must dare to sing bad cop, dare the wicked.

Wang Yubo, do the work of air pollution, a serious, serious government requirements for various departments, departments should seriously in the field of management, the deadline is not complete for key polluting enterprises rectification, not default, can not be tolerated, the punishment of the punishment, the shut down shut down, willing to sacrifice, sacrifice value the tax benefit and sacrifice, also must be determined to cure the atmospheric environment. Two to strict management, the formation of a linkage mechanism, the realization of the linkage, government linkage, the people start, in accordance with national environmental protection requirements, according to the law, so that management in place, the supervision in place. Three to strict penalties, by pass, stop, move and reward incentive measures, control of pollution source.

in addition, the municipal leadership and staff composed of area inspection team, the recent work in the city’s air pollution control work. (author: Sheng Nan)