September 11th, Xining City District People’s court portal ( officially opened to the community. The opening of the site, marking the city of Xining City People’s court information construction has made a good step forward, the court of justice propaganda work to a new level.

it is understood that the people’s Court of Xining city network is in the court of China and the provincial and municipal people’s court’s strong support, after six months of careful preparation of the establishment of. The opening of the site will be open, convenient for the purpose of publicity and service as the main line. The site set up the court profile, the court news, team building, judges style, case letters and other sectors, multi-level, three-dimensional, full range of court work. At the same time with the court notice, laws and regulations, litigation guidelines, such as query service functions. At the same time, the opening of the Dean mailbox, Mail reports, accept good advice and accept supervision sector.

court portal opened, will have important significance to improve the court information office, and mass communication, legal advocacy, the Court Affairs, judicial guidance has a positive effect for the people, learning communication and public opinion. (author: Cai Yawen)