Tongrentang, Lao Tzu, has many years of good reputation, long history, won the market recognition and praise, is a time-honored brands, it cannot do without the success of small ads, what is the relationship between them? Might as well let us understand!

every day of the temple, Tongrentang in Longfusi, Gokokuji, pantaogong, Baitasi, put on the table, ready for summer mung bean soup, visitors to the free supply of tea. Soon the whole city of Beijing, whether rich or poor, all know Dashanlan have men and women, old and young, a herb called tongrentang. More and more people come here to fill a prescription, and that a few drugstore Qianmen Street back down a desolate.

every court will try to give the child around streamed to the capital, they gathered in the vicinity of the front door of the hotel, while the rest, while waiting for the arrival of TEST-DURATION eager. At this time, the church will be in the main intersection set with "Le" red lanterns, street lighting. As long as all the children to go to the crossroads, will naturally see the "Tongrentang" three characters. Tongrentang also returned from all over the place to send a child with a "happy" word of the small lanterns for the night lighting. At the same time, Tongrentang returned to each child to send a free agent on a safe drug. The prevention of illness so as not to delay the exam The climate does not suit one.. In this way, people see the word "happy" word small lanterns, they know that the examination of the child. At the same time, I also thought of tongrentang. When all the children from Beijing, have to thank the tongrentang. Some people buy a few pills to bring back.

Tongrentang, fame, Chinese know, have recognized brands, won the trust of the market, so, Tongrentang self image, because small.