industrial growth is the main force to promote economic development. For the further implementation of the provincial government "hundred days crucial action to mobilize the spirit of good new year" the first battle ", I once again put forward new requirements on the promotion of industrial development, clear objectives, detailed measures to promote the steady growth in the industry, investment, industrial investment and other efforts to ensure that industry and state-owned economy in the first quarter to achieve" a good start".

reporter learned from the provincial Commission by letter, in order to implement the "on in the province to carry out the" hundred days crucial "action plan" requirements, the province promptly formulated and issued the "programme of work on developing industry steady growth and investment and promote investment in grasping the" hundred days crucial action "(hereinafter referred to as the" work plan ")," work plan "in the clear" hundred days crucial action of the general requirements, basic principles, to determine the steady growth of investment efforts, promote investment, pushing four reform objectives. The city of industry and information technology department, the provincial key industrial parks and funded enterprises, with "four changes" for new ideas to carry out "green governance requirements of the four major solid", focus on promoting the sustained and stable and healthy development of the industry and state owned economy. In particular, to promote the construction of key projects, but also focus on long-term efforts to address the impact of institutional factors, institutional constraints and institutional barriers to the development of investment park.

at the same time, "work plan" from strengthening the elements of security, efforts to stabilize the industrial growth, optimize the policy environment, expanding investment, outstanding projects, industrial investment promotion, strengthen the supervision of the service and promote the quality and efficiency of the four aspects, identified 19 specific tasks industry hundred days crucial action, and ask around the park, all funded enterprises and provincial committees related business offices to build "Four Consciousness", according to the provincial government, the implementation of the "number one" responsibility system "requirements, control the division of responsibilities, strengthen the responsibility to play, layers of conductive pressure, good work of pattern to construct the overall responsibility of the principal leaders, leaders in charge of specific catch, multilevel linkage promotion to implement, to reflect the effect of action to tackle the results, in practice, promote the establishment of long-term work to promote the implementation of the annual work machine System, to ensure the achievement of the hundred days tackling the goals, to achieve a full year to complete the objectives and tasks to lay a solid foundation.