Xining City Public Security Bureau to actively respond to the people’s expectations for the image of the police contingent, standardize the work flow, improve police relying on science and technology, strengthen the service level improve, actively establish and improve the convenience and benefit measures, achievements window construction success. At the end of October, the Ministry of public security has been awarded the "national civilized window" honorary title.

Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau all subordinate to and in the service window principle, based on laws and regulations permit, in accordance with the "assessment approach" civilization window, simplify administrative procedures, improve the "file management system" thirty regulations and working mechanism have been formulated and, to establish and perfect the entry exit management "two open an oversight system, adhere to a series of measures and the commitment of Jishijiban, teshiteban system, the implementation of" one told two times, making "avoid applicant go astray; to go abroad (border), the funeral business compared to the situation of emergency application through cover" urgent "into the" Easy Access chapter".

at present, immigration formalities from the original 15 days time shortened to 7-10 days, "express" can be in two working days Banjie, foreigners visa within 3 working days, there is an emergency gone through the day. In special circumstances, as long as an appointment in advance, regardless of holidays or rest days, can handle various types of visas to foreigners; foreign experts from enterprises, universities and students more hotels, on-site service, personal training.

support for overseas travel business, which opened the quick approval issued by the travel business, and actively explore in the recruitment of staff more overseas funded enterprises, institutions and other organizations set up a "certificate of visa agency", take regular management, centralized handling or booking procedures for foreigners who apply for residence certificates, (note) visa procedures to provide convenient services. In order to facilitate the masses, the introduction of social service projects hall, set up a special service, such as express mail, digital snapshot of the project, to achieve one-stop service. Window police also announced the convenience of the center of the public security window phone for telephone consultation.