universal knowledge of architectural aesthetics, review the changes in Xining City, the inventory of the Xining architectural beauty, sponsored by the Xining municipal government in the evening the most beautiful building contest invites you to "taking photos at hand", make Xining the most beautiful building, we will have a surprise for you.


Wang Yubo recently told the evening news the most beautiful building once again given instructions: activities to achieve the popularity of architectural aesthetics knowledge, strengthen investor awareness, improve the building design approval system to promote the city building more taste, unique, connotation. In accordance with this requirement, the selection committee to strengthen the participation of all construction, real estate preliminary checks, and expand the scope of the selection, the real choice of the most beautiful buildings in Xining. The contents of the participating selection activities include: Xining city completed or basically completed all kinds of buildings, including public buildings, residential buildings, commercial buildings, municipal buildings (Park, Plaza, street is not included in the selection range); administrative departments have not yet implemented or can be all kinds of building planning and design is the construction of the enroll the selection of activities. At the same time, will also carry out the Xining real estate (construction) hero selection, to make special contributions to the development of real estate in Xining City real estate (construction) for the selection of enterprises or individuals, in addition will also carry out the readers (users) favorite property selection activities etc..

to allow the general public to have a "right to speak", at present, I invite you to join, whether it is "taking photos at hand" which building, as long as you think it is very beautiful, you can take it and send it to us, participants will have the opportunity to get a prize offered by the Xining evening news. Image pixels in the above 2 million requirements, through Sina micro-blog @ Xining evening news official micro-blog ", also can send e-mail to [email protected], please specify the name, address and shoot architecture photographer personal information, recommended participating hotline 0971-8237413, 8230542, please visit the Xining municipal government the website http://s.www.xining.gov.cn/.