By reducing crime scene investigation process, from the vast crowd uncovered the suspect, let those who defy the law be punished…… The detection in Interpol using a variety of high-tech means to combat crime, good and evil, Paul story peace will be staged in the provincial capital, this is because the Criminal Technology Laboratory of Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau officially opened, Xining police have a number of detection does not speak "high-tech colleagues".

* high tech criminal ability strong

in the morning of October 11th, Xining City Public Security Bureau of criminal technology laboratory quietly, because there are sudden cases, laboratory technicians have rushed to the scene. The person in charge of Xining City Public Security Bureau police detachment five battalion Li Liguang in the criminal technology laboratory under the leadership of the provincial capital, from the media reporter visited the laboratory of Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau of criminal technology has just been formed.

According to Li Liguang

, the criminal technology laboratory is the latest achievements of the Public Security Bureau of Xining city science and technology strong police, part of the equipment is the one and only in the northwest region, the overall technology laboratory in the leading domestic level. With the development of science and technology, criminal means more secretive, which brings great difficulties to the police cracked the case. MoGaoYiChe, daogaoyizhang! In this situation, in order to combat crime, to ensure the stability of social order, under the guidance of science and technology under the guidance of the police, the police in the process of investigating the case of the introduction of a variety of high-tech means.

– "piercing eye" to help solve the case of

into the criminal technology laboratory, have to say traces inspection technology laboratory and document inspection technology laboratory. In fact, a lot of people do not know, the detection of the subject matter of the drama, the scene of the crime, the site of the majority of physical evidence is identified in the criminal technology laboratory testing and identification.

A variety of instruments and equipment

Li Liguang pointed to the table, the scene will have found the naked eye is difficult to trace, but with a variety of high-tech equipment, the police can make these traces "talk", "tell" the case of the scene, this is the "marks" the power of.

some cases, some of the suspects to the various interests, forge or alter the relevant documents under false pretenses. In such cases, the text of the technology can be able to show their talents, to expose the suspect’s despicable plot to restore the suspect was deliberately concealed the truth.

* DNA can testify suspects

sudden case, someone died, who is the dead? The scene left hair, blood, which is the victim, or suspect? In criminal cases, all the doubts haunts the police, the DNA test technology, some problems will be smoothly done or easily solved.

Li Liguang said, precisely because everyone’s DNA is unique, so forensic can stay in the scene by the blood, hair, dander, saliva, etc.;