in order to make the Huangshui River more clear and clever, is called "the wetland construction of the kidney of the earth" into the municipal government planning. The reporter learned from the environmental department, the city intends Ning Lake wetland construction project, through the "artificial wetland water purifier", further degradation and purification discharged first, third sewage treatment plant, the small Gorge Bridge section of water has been further purification.

wetland in flood, drought and flood disaster prevention and control, water conservation, pollution degradation, climate regulation, groundwater recharge, etc. many aspects play an important ecological function. Especially in the vicinity of the wetland water sources have a "water purifier" role. The wetland types in Xining include marsh wetland, river wetland and constructed wetland.

currently runs in the first and the third sewage treatment plant outfall from the national environmental protection departments set a small Gorge Bridge water quality monitoring station less than 5 km, while the sewage discharged water reached the national standard, but the sewage outfall into the river at a relatively short process, water is not fully self purification. Ning Lake wetland construction project plans a total investment of 90 million yuan, will use two Ning Hu North and South Beach and lake sediment Ning building constructed wetland of 14.53 hectares, 6 hectares of surface flow wetland, optimize the allocation of aquatic plants, planting a variety of suction sewage plants, through the reed and wild rice stem roots suction sewage pollutant carrying capacity to discharge water treatment plant, and depth of processing. Wetlands will also form a landscape with the river bank to form a wetland ecosystem with biodiversity and stability. (author: Zhang Yuanjin