to study and publicize the constitution, vigorously carry forward the spirit of the legal system, conscientiously implement the National Bureau of statistics of "three increase" and "four project", to further promote the publicity and implementation of statistical work, the statistical "65 five-year plan, and according to the Xining municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department, the Provincial Bureau of statistics Xining city governance according to the office of the leading group, the Xining Municipal Bureau of justice" on 2011 in Xining "12· notice" 4 "national legal advocacy day series of promotional activities, the Xining Municipal Bureau of statistics, carefully organized to actively carry out the" 12· 4 "legal advocacy activities. On the "12· 4" legal advocacy activities, the Xining Municipal Bureau of Statistics Bureau attaches great importance to the main leaders, office and regulations office is responsible for, and the promotional activities carried out careful organization and careful arrangement. The composition of the leadership, propaganda, by the Xining Municipal Bureau of Statistics Office, system and regulations, the Department of agriculture and investment department propaganda teams arrive at the designated publicity site in the campaign site hanging banners, the layout of the publicity and publicity boards. The campaign issued a total of "comrades, please do not violate the < statistics; >", with statistical method and statistical method of the content of color calendar paper leaflets and other more than 5000 copies of promotional materials, and to the public for the statistical laws and regulations consultation, the campaign achieved good social effect.