the first four months of this year, Xining city tax system is the collection of social insurance premiums 528 million 440 thousand yuan, an increase of 19.8%, the endowment insurance premium of 502 million 940 thousand yuan warehousing, unemployment insurance premium 25 million 500 thousand yuan warehousing, impose the funds 6 million 500 thousand yuan, the price adjustment fund 5 million 440 thousand yuan.

According to the actual situation of

Guifeizhengshou management business volume increased significantly, the local tax authorities at all levels to strengthen the publicity at the same time, the establishment of monitoring system of key fee source, hierarchical management, the annual fee of 1 million yuan of above key fee source, the establishment of key fee source files, and direct monitoring of key household income. In addition, the tax authorities at all levels to strengthen the responsibility of management, the examination management fees included in the tax administrators, and tax levy with the same check tube; the establishment of enterprises by attrition examination and approval system, strengthen the increase and decrease of business management, to prevent individual enterprises malicious attrition; insurance comprehensive survey of employers, conscientiously carry out Kuomiangongzuo, ensure that the steady growth of social insurance premiums.