to further enhance the city’s cadres style building, serious work discipline organs, regulate organ style thorough investigation work, recently, Xining city issued the "Interim Measures for the work style of" thorough investigation work (referred to as the "measures").

"measures" provisions: thorough investigation object for the city party and government organs at all levels, the NPC organs, CPPCC organs, judicial organs, mass organizations and institutions as well as authorized by laws and regulations with the administration of public affairs organization, entrusted by an administrative organ in the administrative management and public affairs management organization and its staff; the main contents include work discipline, service attitude, administrative efficiency and the implementation of the central provinces, the relevant provisions on strengthening style building; thorough investigation mainly take thorough investigation combined with the masses, daily inspection and spot checks of combining general examination and focus on examination of the combination, check key positions and key period of combined examination, do not say hello, not much time from the perspective of multi-level, wide coverage, often carried out thorough investigation can take; Normal camera, recorder, camera, telephone inquiry, access to information, interview and other methods, each quarter of municipal and county agencies at least a thorough investigation; "mediocre, lazy, scattered, and special rectification activities of the leading group for a thorough investigation Quarterly Bulletin, bulletin of the typical problems at any time, and in the media exposure the problem is serious, the media tracking reports rectification. The county, municipal units to carry out a thorough investigation of the situation, to fill out the "thorough investigation supervision asked tables" responsibility for the situation, a monthly report.

"procedures" also stipulates that the issue of violation of discipline thorough investigation found that, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the strict implementation of administrative accountability. In a thorough investigation was mediocre, lazy, scattered, and prominent problem, the nature of serious adverse effects, in addition to hold the parties accountable, but also held the main leaders and leaders in charge of the responsibility; no organization or individual shall intervene or interfere with the thorough investigation personnel perform their duties, shall not destroy or tamper has collected a thorough investigation data no threat, thorough investigation personnel, take revenge. (author: Xu Zhifeng Jia Quanjun)