In order to improve the production safety supervision network, make the work of production safety in postprocessing into prevention and control, the accident nipped in the bud, this year the city safety supervision departments will apply for 1 million 920 thousand yuan of funds, the construction of four security community in the four area. This is the City Safety Supervision Bureau in Xining to create a new normal production safety in a specific work.

it is reported that the construction of safe communities in towns, street offices of the construction unit, through the construction of hardware and software, the whole society to improve the prevention and control of production safety accidents, the timely and effective implementation of the investigation and management of security risks, reduce the accident harm, reducing the consequences of the accident. This year I will be in the four range selected better basic conditions of the town or street as a safe community pilot construction units, for the completion of one year of construction, and strive to through the national security community acceptance. After the success of the four pilot area, the work will be gradually extended to the scope of the three counties.