Month: July 2017

Share your experience with some of your new forums

domain name is just registered, want to do community forum, using Dz7.2.

below is my idea of building a website.

Jiaxing community [] website construction ideas:

to build the Jiaxing region’s most complete, the largest and best community portal. Good domain name, good site,

domain name is good, only good traffic, good start. COM domain name has been registered, JX is the meaning of Jiaxing, 573 is Jiaxing’s area code 0573, a zero. Two combinations represent the meaning of Jiaxing, so it is very suitable to be a portal. read more

The competitive advantage of website differentiation

said, "what’s the key to a website’s success?" the individual thinks differentiation is the most important.

, in fact, the so-called difference is the core competitiveness of your website, and only the establishment of a solid competitiveness, you can win the market, win the user!


some people thought the difference will think of innovation in China, innovation should be weak, most of the sites are Copy!, the domestic creative company number, is the first Chinese largest search engine Baidu, no business model Tencent QQ, but now made a great platform for electronic commerce the boss of Alibaba, history has shown that they have a huge market and mature business model, and is sustainable won, why will mention these three companies, personally think that the key to success is they do nature is different from the opponent from head to foot thing is the difference, to firmly occupy the the domestic market of read more

Struggling in Baidu tortured webmaster bitter course

Small drift

me space station ( since birth, I won’t let it have a comfortable day day, and I always work together and be included in Baidu K battle front, more than 10 large and small battles, has sufficient to show people, long – standing is so tempered


sum up, remember the past year. Originally started to register the domain name, to do kart forum, is used in the DZ forum, the first time do not stand, because not so, a cavity blood, the hype, the mining, the people Tiancheng official forum to adopt clean. Our forum, enough data, and then hold the pillow dream to go, after two or three months of time, the dream finally woke up, but see is devastated, Baidu included dozens of pages, then the 10 Fen K barren, then included the front page, still no traffic. (collected, no original articles, Baidu taboo. read more

Student stationmaster body and mind is exhausted

, like many classmates, I’m also a station owner,.


the purpose of the site is very simple, to make money, because my parents have no money, I have no money, but I only is one of the 3 first-class university, after graduation, not what capital and others, to find a regular job, so I want to find a way out, since the formal sector but others do, do most people’s eyes are false, raffish network.

in the 07 years after the entrance of the summer vacation, I established the first site, their half year, I earned a total of about 8000RMB, the maximum time is 25 dollars a day, whether you think is much less, for me a weekend home update website amateur webmaster, I think. For 1 years, 16000 words, can own the burden of tuition fees and living expenses, but the start of the 08 year, good times don’t last long, the website weight decreased until a revenue drop to $2~3 1 days. read more

The real reason and Countermeasure of homepage snapshot without Baidu

web pages included, but from the home page Baidu snapshot disappeared, believes that many webmaster have encountered this problem, my own website also there have been many times this situation, varying lengths of time, a few hours short, long or even a few months. At the moment, I still have two websites experiencing a snapshot without a home page. In this case, I believe we are very anxious to find a solution, I also find a lot of this article is to read many articles, but the blind guide, or about some of the reason such as what a commonplace talk of an old scholar, the original is not enough, the site experience is not good, the poor quality of chain and so on, to solve these fundamental speech help the problem. I’m not saying that these reasons do not affect the site, not that, but that these reasons are not the direct cause of the snapshot without a home page. If Baidu because of the above reasons found in the garbage station, then is probably the largest number included site was dropped, dial hair even K station, if the site have included the inside pages, and no home page snapshot, then focus on the issue should be focused on the page itself, this is the key to solve the problem. read more

The community e commerce website will be a hot spot for personal websites in the second half of this


community of electronic commerce, in short, is to use the advantage of network to the community, "no boundaries of a lot of people on the Internet, people around me are ignored!" the community e-commerce business is many webmaster blind spot, because the most familiar place is often the most strange place.

why community commerce has the potential to be tapped? China with the city population is more and more concentrated, the premise of high-rise buildings increased, the number of community residents has been in a rising trend, from small to large, has a certain group of users, will be able to do a website, which is the basis of the masses of community website, if a web site does not flow, the site management is very difficult. read more

How is the movie online three Baidu and Google included

my HD HD movie network is in September 15, 2009 through the record line, the website opened before and after, I did a lot of work, in the opening third days after Baidu and Google included normal. As of today, Baidu’s home page of the HD HD movie network, Google’s HD HD movie network, rose from 70 yesterday to more than 240 Pages before publishing this article. Here’s my experience:

1, Baidu included. The first half of the website opened, I bought space, because in the record, the top-level domain name has not been bound, I will use space providers to give the three domain name to update the site. I HD HD movie screen with Marx movie program is the latest version, the first is a large collection of high quality resources more than 8000, then the data was collected and volume replacement, such as content page will take "movie" to read "HD HD movies", etc., will all the content page keywords and site related batch replacement, and then generating station. The first day of the more than 8000 data collection after I stopped collecting, updating from 8000 to 11000 now I all by hand, updated daily 20 – 40 movies and TV series, starring, content is I found on the Internet after modification, for example in the content page will replace the first section and the third section your order will be part of a sentence to delete some, but do not completely copied on the line. In this way, I insist on updating every day, never interrupted. In September 15th after the opening of the top-level domain name, I don’t have to submit to Baidu, but published a story on my website in the Admin5 Adsense nets and Chinaz webmaster network spider, the two day post released at noon by Baidu and Google included my website for second days, the first page was also included. From 18 to today, Baidu has not been included in the move, the snapshot has not been updated, I think it should be in the new station of an assessment period. Now, regardless of Baidu, or as usual, always update the site. Hope that after a period of time included and ranking improved read more

sold 600 clients’ nternet company to be a webmaster

2002, when I worked in a business enterprise in Fujian, Putian. Day out of the market, almost nothing at night, and now see the young people will be computer, Internet, I also want to learn computers.

where to work a month 1000 yuan, every day running outside, with pocket money so much, to training only pay 100 yuan training fees to learn basic class, basic class was 160 yuan, the boss agreed to let me first half a month. Began to learn computer is very excited, there is time to go to a training class, sit where honestly learn five pen typing. After studying for more than 10 days, the boss came to ask me for money. I didn’t have the money and did not want to study. I wanted to practice in the Internet bar slowly, and I said 88 to my boss. read more

Design of products the trials of a long journey always feeling the pictures don’t do

[guidance] a product really want to design high-end atmosphere internationalization, we must let users have pragmatic, cheap feeling. Otherwise, good-looking is not equal to good use. For example, this article in three music products, a top beauty, with a variety of aesthetic pictures to attract users to listen to songs, this logic can be right? Dark horse brother here to share this Tencent EDC (not shellfish) article. The authors used two well-known truth is: revolution is not a dinner party, beauty products do not overflow; the trials of a long journey always feeling, the pictures don’t do? read more

Do not abandon do not give up Grassroots webmaster magic weapon of success

contact network now has at least five or six years, and many on the website also has three or four years, very early to write about the construction site things out, but whenever you want to write it, always feel that they are nobodies, say afraid of being laughed by others, even abuse, no pen. Soon graduated, this two days a little empty, my two years of experience to write out to share with you today, also would like to take this article to make some good friends, but also hope that the birds can give me some advice in the future in the maze and pointing the road, of course my view is: the hope that those who seek common ground while reserving differences, people don’t always boring boring abuse and ridicule. read more