Month: February 2021

The Predictive Enterprise (Part 1)

first_imgBig Data is the latest technology wave impacting C-Level executives across all areas of business, but amid the hype, there remains confusion about what it all means.Big Data emphasizes volume, diversification, low latencies, and ubiquity, whereas data science introduces new terms including, predictive modeling, machine learning, parallelized and in-database algorithms, Map Reduce, and model operationalization. Instead, I want to emphasize a more important point regarding this new vernacular: It infers an evolution beyond the traditional rigid output of aggregated data: business intelligence. It is a use-case-driven, iterative, and agile exploration of granular data, with the intent to derive insights and operationalize these insights into down-stream applications.Examples of data science in action are plentiful and also well documented, both in a recent Harvard Business Review article, and this Greenplum presentation.Considering the growing number of use cases relevant to your enterprise, what has changed is that these are no longer confined to legacy data-driven functions such as marketing or finance. Instead, they can and should involve nearly every functional organization in the enterprise. Given the numerous opportunities data science offers for virtually every functional organization in every sector, it is now no longer enough to be a “data-driven enterprise.” Instead, you must build a data science-driven enterprise, a.k.a. the predictive enterprise.For more on the Predictive Enterprise, read my full post on Greenplum’s Datastream Blog.last_img read more

Realizing the Benefits of Digital Transformation

first_imgGE, Columbia Sportswear and Chitale Dairy are Redefining Their BusinessesIn my role leading Dell EMC Services and IT, I talk with customers and IT leaders every day– there is no better way to learn how Dell and its partners are helping customers meet the needs of their businesses. More importantly, these conversations often shine a light on the new and evolving challenges these businesses face. One thing I hear over and over again is just how complex Digital and IT Transformation initiatives can be for an organization.These challenges aren’t limited to organizations at the bleeding edge of technology adoption. In fact, a recent study conducted by industry research firm Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG), which assessed the IT Transformation maturity of 1,000 large companies around the world, found that only 5 percent of the companies surveyed described themselves as “Digitally Transformed” and reaping the benefits of IT Transformation. But, 71 percent of these companies agree that they will not be competitive without IT Transformation. So although most of these organizations recognize that IT Transformation is critical to their future success, they still have a long way to go.The study also demonstrates that the benefits of IT Transformation are significant:More mature organizations are seven times more likely than the least mature organizations to recognize IT as a competitive differentiator and profit centerNinety-six percent of more mature organizations exceeded revenue targets last year and are more than twice as likely to meet revenue goals than the least mature organizationsA Partner with Broad CapabilitiesESG’s research demonstrates the benefits of IT and Digital Transformation are clear, but how can organizations move ahead on this journey and achieve their own transformation goals? Organizations want a partner who can help them address their challenges head on, across their organization. They want a single partner, with a broad portfolio, from the desktop to the data center, as well as consulting capabilities, services and support, which will help them take a big-picture view, and lead them on their transformation journey.General Electric, Columbia Sportswear and Chitale Dairy are three companies that are successfully driving transformations. GE, with its Predix platform, is developing applications for the Industrial Internet, and is already transforming cities, hospitals and factories. Built on the Pivotal Cloud Foundry platform, Predix offers an operating system for developing, testing and delivering secure software that powers everything from safer jet engines, to more intelligent streets, connecting industrial equipment via sensors, to analyze data, and deliver real-time insights.Columbia Sportswear modernized its IT Infrastructure to make it more efficient, more flexible, more robust and more reliable. From 3-D modeling, to business optimization, to supply chain acceleration, Columbia is maximizing technology to reach customers faster and more efficiently. Integrating cutting-edge analytics technology with existing IT, Columbia is using Digital Technology to unlock new opportunities and better meet customer needs.Cows Turned into Data Centers?Chitale Dairy, one of India’s largest dairies, wanted to scale its family business to thousands of satellite farmers. Their main goal was to boost animal health, which results in higher milk production, higher quality, and the need for less land. Chitale attached RFID tags to more than 50,000 cloud-connected cows to monitor health, milk production, nutritional needs, and other parameters. The data is uploaded to the cloud, interpreted by the dairy’s veterinarians and then shared with about 10,000 satellite farmers via SMS messages sent to their mobile phones on a daily basis so they can better manage their livestock and operations. The ability to monitor, react and predict cow behavior and health in real time is providing Chitale Dairy with extraordinary results.I’m looking forward to seeing companies like Columbia and GE at our upcoming Dell EMC World in Las Vegas, from May 8 to May 11. Both companies, and many more, will be demonstrating how they are realizing the many benefits of Digital Transformation and accelerating their businesses. With more than 500 technology sessions and breakout tracks, Dell EMC World will provide the tools and strategies you need to grow your skills, optimize your IT infrastructure and drive your Digital Transformation. I hope to see you there!last_img read more

The Edge is More than a Place

first_imgEdge is going through a sea change today. Evolving technology ecosystems and new wave of applications in computer vision, Edge analytics, telco virtual radio access networks and autonomous vehicles require real time analytics. IT work at home and data privacy regulations are all driving the new paradigm. The outcome of these changes is an explosion of data produced outside the cloud and core data center. This data has two requirements: 1) a powerful compute capability to process it, and 2) real-time systems with very low latency that will provide insights and summarize the massive wave of data near the source. Addressing privacy and security are also key considerations in the evolution of Edge computing.But first, let’s take a step back. Edge technology has a long history. In 1998, I worked in the Telecommunications industry and was challenged to bring broadband communications to all of our customers’ businesses and residences in the southeastern United States. Our small team designed an architecture and platform to support high density electronics and deployed them into non-traditional Edge environments. We had to consider the level of networking and computation and the optimal architectural and physical placement, determine how to build a software stack and systems to support the deployment. We also had to create a new operational model. Many things had to be considered that were not anticipated at the start of this deployment.Where is the Edge?Edge as a place is best defined as where it is not. Edge is the deployment of integrated information and communications technology outside of the core data center and cloud. It is also not in the devices that leverage edge capabilities for operations and support. This location is very large space, everywhere exclusive of devices and cloud/core data centers. Indeed I call this the real world!  Therefore it is important to be able to support a different set of form factors and have a broad set of horizontal capabilities to support different workloads in the most effective manner.What is the Edge?The Edge is a collection of hardware and software. It is important that you design a horizontal set of infrastructure capabilities that can support multiple personas of applications but have an aim point that is not all inclusive. Selection of processor architecture, accelerator architecture, flexible storage options and virtualization technique are very important to maximize the number of directly supported workloads. The choice of M&O and Application/Services management capability is critical to allow you to extend support from Core/Cloud to allow remote and orchestrated execution of applications. All of this needs to be sized into an enclosure and packaging that can support the chosen environment (in building colocation, outside enclosure, modular data center, and so forth).How is the Edge Architected?The Edge “how” is often overlooked and obscured with terms like zero touch provisioning. Managing Edge platforms requires a set of services that is rooted in software management of the platform. In order to manage the platform effectively, you must have a robust remote monitoring capability. You need the flexibility to deploy high cost components (accelerators on a demand basis) and many other capabilities that we have considered at Dell. Importantly, you need an operational model that considers the inherent challenges of operating a distributed infrastructure in the real world. Standalone operation and different levels of fault tolerance on the communication links are critical.Dell is a leader in the new Edge. We have defined this new Edge model that includes application management, services management, workload management & orchestration, virtualization, compute infrastructure, storage infrastructure, networking infrastructure, security & data protection, physical systems such as modular data center enclosures & systems and gateways/devices. Dell is uniquely positioned to provide the true “full stack” set of capabilities.Dell Technologies has the most comprehensive portfolio across the Edge ecosystem and ability to support a large number of Edge verticals. Our portfolio supports the Edge with its industry leading server and gateway products, our hardened small form factor computer solutions, storage capabilities, our security solutions our physical enclosure systems, and our Dell Technologies Cloud extended to the Edge with VMware.The key to success at the Edge is to design a platform that can meet the high percentage of common horizontal requirements yet be cost effective and have a software management framework that allows extensibility. Dell Technologies is leading this technology with innovation of hardware and solutions at the Edge. Set up a meeting with us today so we can help you #FindYourEdge.last_img read more

Battling COVID-19 proving deadly for Peru’s doctor corps

first_imgLIMA, Peru (AP) — A large makeshift memorial stretches outside a bright yellow building overlooking Peru’s Pacific coast. The black-and-white photos of dozens of men and women is for Peru’s “pandemic soldiers” — doctors who have died since the coronavirus struck the South American nation last year. More than 260 doctors have died from the virus in Peru. Their colleagues blame the lack of proper personal protective equipment and what they say is the government’s abandonment of the health care system. Peru’s health care professionals have been mounting an open-ended national protest for weeks to press their complaints of inadequate salaries, poor benefits and other working conditions.last_img read more

‘New chance at life’: Man gets face, hands in rare surgery

first_imgNEW YORK (AP) — Doctors say a 22-year-old man from New Jersey is recovering after receiving a rare face and hands transplant. Joe DiMeo had the operation in August, two years after he was badly burned in a car accident. Such transplants are extremely rare and have happened only twice before. Experts say the procedure appears to be a success, but it’ll take a while to know for sure. Details of the transplant were revealed Wednesday. Since the surgery, DiMeo is relearning how to smile, blink, pinch and squeeze with his new face and hands. He’ll have to take lifelong medication to avoid rejecting the transplant.last_img read more