first_img Acqua di Gio AbsoluThere’s a certain sweetness that makes up the first hit from Giorgio Armani’s new fragrance Absolu, part of its Acqua Di Giò family. Created by perfumer Alberto Morillas, it celebrates “the union between fresh water and warm wood.” Marine notes and patchouli provide the base of an oddly aquatic fragrance that really does remind one of that moment when water hits a warm piece of wood at the beach or on a dock. It dries down to be sharp and spicy, with amber and “labdanum resinoid” (a sticky resin) notes.  If you’re looking for a cologne that’s a little more…ahem…solid, check out these great solid colognes. They’re perfect for throwing in your gym bag or for travel. Tommy Bahama Maritime Deep Blue CologneThis new fragrance from Tommy Bahama really had us at hello. Its deep blue coloring and the dock-cleat-inspired topper have us already dreaming of summers out on the boat. Bonus, it also smells great! Upon first blast, there’s a refreshing blend of bergamot (the citrus plant that makes Earl Grey tea smell so great), cardamom and juniper, and even green apple! Just the thing for a brisk wake-up in the morning. The fragrance then transitions to a floral, but trust us on this one, it works — then goes musky, with cedar and patchouli at the end.  $160 from Frederic Malle Sprint Through Airport Security With These TSA-Approved Men’s Grooming Kits Kilian Dark Lord “Ex Tenebris Lux”For those of us who didn’t minor in Latin, that’s “From Darkness, Light,” and is another creation of perfumer Alberto Morillas, who designed this fragrance for rascals of the evening. The smokey scent includes leather and vetiver (a grass), as well as jasmine, rum, bergamot, and pepper. Feeling an affinity for seductive vampires? Just found out you’ve been sorted into Slytherin? This is the one for you. Taking inspiration from Oscar Wilde, Dark Lord is for “men who are shamelessly, unapologetically themselves and with perfect aplomb. They charm by their character, and please only those who are refined enough to receive them.” Sign me up.  8 Best-Smelling Solid Colognes for Men $65 from Abbott $80 from Tommy Bahama 10 Best Beard Balms: The Secret to a Tamed and Tangle-Free Beard $40 from Nordstrom Frederic Malle Monsieur by Bruno JovanovicFrederic Malle takes an approach to cologne and perfume that is quite different than most. He connects with the industry’s leading perfumers and, like an editor with his writers, gives them the freedom to do what they do best. There’s no marketing budget and the packaging is minimal in the extreme. By doing so, Malle produces fragrances that get away from a “one size fits all” model. (His grandfather founded Parfums Dior, so the industry is in his blood.) In this case, creator Bruno Jovanovic has designed a sophisticated, classic fragrance featuring that bohemian scent du jour, patchouli; as well as rum, saffron, and cedar. It’s meant to be seductive and masculine.  $77 from Nordstrom Editors’ Recommendations If there is any one thing in a man’s “wardrobe” that most defines him, it’s probably his signature cologne. Given that smell is the sense that is most closely linked to memory, choosing the right fragrance can be critical. Admittedly, it’s not something that we can pull on and pull off the same way we might a shirt of a pair of jeans, nor is it more or less required to wear every time we leave the house. It might be compared to an “add-on” element, like a necktie or a belt. We like to say fragrances are like glasses: some of us have one pair that we wear all the time, making a defining statement; while others prefer to have choices, changing as our moods or outfits suit us. And like the person who chooses contact lenses over glasses, some guys don’t really wear any fragrance at all, other than what may—or may not—be included in their grooming products. As we’re sure you also know, this somewhat intangible component of identity also commands millions of dollars in marketing spending each year. An entire industry is built on it, from the “noses” who design each “bouquet,” to the packaging (so it looks great on your dresser or sink); and it’s all further backed up by the fashion, grooming, and celebrity collaborations that keep the machine moving. But don’t just make your decision because your favorite A-list celebrity is the “face” of the summer campaign or because the decanter looks like something from an art and design museum. Get out and find the one that works best for you, otherwise you’re just wasting money on product that will sit on the counter and won’t be usable after a few years. Keep in mind that everybody’s body chemistry is different. There’s a reason why all those department stores have tons of testers out on the countertops. Try before you buy. And don’t be afraid to be a pest and stop by every couple of days to try something different. Make sure that the fragrance works for you and also for the other important people in your life. And be sure to check it throughout the day, as a cologne has a life, from the “top notes” that we smell upon spritzing or splashing it onto our skin, to the way it smells throughout the day, and finally even into the evening as it dries down. We’ve gathered some of today’s newest fragrances below. Some have been industry award winners. Some are just personal favorites. All are relatively new to the market, so if you’ve been thinking about switching it up from that signature fragrance you’ve been wearing, now’s the time.Best Colognes for Summer 2019 Abbott Voyageurs Personal FragranceIf you’re assuming this fragrance was named for French adventurers, you won’t be alone, but it was actually named for Voyageurs National Park in Minnesota. Each of Abbott’s scents is named for outdoor destinations from Big Sky to The Cape. Besides crafting great smells, this upstart company also gives back to support organizations like The Redwood League and the Mojave Desert Land Trust. As you might imagine, Voyageurs has a fresh outdoor fragrance, with, of all things, ozone (lightning in a bottle!) as a top note, then drying down to violet and eventually amber musk. Though an entirely online shopping experience, Abbott makes it easy to test-drive its fragrances with an $18 exploration kit featuring its six varieties.  $295 from Kilian Dior Sauvage Eau de ParfumDior pulled out all the stops on this one — a surprisingly soft fragrance that’s inspired by the desert and that magical twilight hour. It incorporates “juiciness” and spice with hints of vanilla, bergamot, and nutmeg. The fragrance also smells subtly like sage incense. Dior’s perfumer, François Demachy, said that he wanted to give this fragrance depth. He succeeded.  How to Shave With a Straight Razor The Best Father and Son Matching Outfitslast_img read more