Rabat- King Mohammed VI has given instructions to send urgent humanitarian aid to Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh, the Moroccan Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a communiqué on Tuesday.“This humanitarian action aims at assissting the efforts of a brother country to face the massive influx of the Muslim minority of the Rohingya, coming from Myanmar,” said the release.The communiqué explained that the supplies are comprised of tents, covers, basic food and medicine. The aid package will be transported by air, explained the release. Seen as a serious humanitarian crisis, the Rohingya exodus has been making the headlines of international media.The number of the Rohingya refugees fleeing to Bangladesh from prosecution in Myanmar has shot up to 270,000, said a spokesperson of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees on Friday.The Muslim minority has been facing prosecution in their country for decades.Today’s crisis has prompted the UN to call for urgent action and adress the issue in Myanmar. “The numbers are so alarming,” the UN official told AFP.On Monday the UN human rights chief Zeid Raad Al Hussein called the prosecution of the Muslim minority ” a textbook example of ethnic cleansing.”He urged Myanmar authorities to end the “cruel military operation” in Rakhine state from where the Rohingya have been forced to flee for their lives.It has been difficult for international media to access Rakhine state to verify the horrific accounts refugees have given about the persecution conducted by the Myanmar army.The Myanmar government has defended its military operations by accusing Rohingya rebels of committing atrocities in the area and launching attacks on army elements.In June the monarch took another humanitarian action by giving instructions to send food supply to Qatar following the decision of four Arab countries to cut ties and impose an embargo on the Gulf state, which is depends on food imports. read more