Interesting ambitious story in Greek handball rising up. It’s called IEK Xinis Dikeas (Sponsor IEK Xini is one of the biggest private education college in Greece). The club  finished on the 6th place in their first year in Greek elite league (D1) and lost Play-Off battle against AEK, but some bigger things are in projection of the future. One of the team’s sponsors and part of the Management is ship owner, former handball player Timis Pournaras, the guy who helped in making proper roster for domestic conditions in the season behind, thinks big.He is already in advance discussion with one of two biggest sports clubs in Greece, but also very famous in Europe – Olympiakos. He is willing to takeover sponsorship of the team in the next three-four years if Olympiakos establish the handball section of the club. New joint project should start from the season 2016/2017.That will put on current IEK Xinis Dikeas a lot of media and fans attention as Olympiakos are a big sports family worldwide known in football, basketball, volleyball and waterpolo.PAOK and AEK have their handball teams among the best in Greek handball, but Olympiakos on the handball map of Greece and Europe will bring some new dimension.This is not a unique example in handball. A few years ago BM Atletico Madrid tried to get attention of sponsors and football club, but attempt of Talant Dujshebaev and the people from the former BM Ciudad Real wasn’t successful.On the other side, the example of Paris Saint Germain is much more positive.Olympiakos in handball is more than welcome… ← Previous Story Women’s U19 EURO 2015: Russian storm over Germany – Big win for Denmark Next Story → Argentinian “Gladiators” qualify for Rio 2016! read more